Alpha male是什么意思?


你会常常在美语中见到这么一个表达:Alpha male,我们都知道male意思是男性,那alpha male是怎样的一种男性呢?Alpha male的中文意思是:“大哥、老大”,也可翻译为“阿尔法男”。Alpha male通常指某个群体中具有主导(dominant)、强势地位的男性。他通常体魄强健(well built)、能力超人,表现强势(act tough)受到团体中其他成员的敬畏。并往往能在危难之际挺身而出,保护群体不受伤害。Alpha male经常被简化为“alpha”。

Alpha male过去常常用于动物学(zoology)研究中,指动物群体中的雄性头领。之后逐渐被用来指人类社会群体中的拥有最高地位的领头男性。由于Alpha male所处的主导地位,他享有诸多社交特权,比如:想用更好的食物及住所、受到群体中其他女性的爱慕并能获得更多的性。

Alpha male的说法可能源自于Alpha是希腊字母表中的首字母(α),所以alpha代表第一个,最高级别,由此引申为“居主导地位、社会等级最高的”。Alpha male的英文解释为:In social animals, an alpha is the individual in the community with the highest rank.

看几个与alpha male有关的美语口语例句:

  • Donald Trump’s fans long for an uncomplicated alpha male to lead them.
  • Tiger Woods may have been the ultimate alpha male and was able to stare down every golfer he faced.
  • Every man has an alpha male living inside of him; it’s just the nature of the beast.
    Judging from the way he talks and acts, he’s definitely the alpha male in the pack.
  • Why do you always have to prove you’re the alpha male?
  • You know, There can only be one Alpha for every pack, and that, my friend, i learned the hard way.

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