“Be on the lookout for”是什么意思? 有几种含义?

Be on the lookout (for someone or something)的中文意思是“留心、注意(某人或某事)”,其英文解释为:be watchful for someone or something. 参考几个英文例句:Be on the lookout for signs of a storm.(留心风暴的前兆。)I’m on the lookout for John, who is due here any minute. (我正在留意John,他马上就到)。此外,be on the lookout的含义中的“留心”也逐步被引申“寻找、搜索、搜寻”之意,比如:We are on the Lookout for New Talent!(我们正在寻找新的人才!)The cops are on the lookout for a burglary suspect.(警方正在搜寻一名盗窃嫌犯。)值得一提的是,be on the lookout for的同义词是be on the watch for。例如:He was on the watch for her arrival.(他正留意她的到来。)


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