“Cut back on…”的意思及用法

Cut back on… 这个英文词组的意思是:减少,降低,削减。其英语释义为:to reduce the use, amount, or cost of something。参考一个英文例句:Danny Meyer, founder of Shake Shack, wants to cut back on email. (Danny Meyer,Shake Shack的创始人,希望能减少电子邮件的使用。)

你知道吗?这可是Danny Meyer的2017新年愿望(New Year’s resolution)哦。因为他希望:to spend significantly less time reading and writing emails, and far more time being present and looking people in the eye.(不要花太多时间来阅读或撰写电邮,而是多和人们进行真实的、面对面的交流。)


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