“Get the axe(ax)”是什么意思?


“Get the axe(ax)”是一个比较口语化、形象化的说法,其字面意思是:获得了斧头,被砍掉了。但其真正的意思是:遭到解雇,被炒鱿鱼。我们看看get the axe的英文释义: get fired; if a person gets the axe(ax), they lose their job。除了说get the axe外,也可以把axe当动词,someone is axed。例如:The sideline reporter was axed today due to a sex scandal. (因一桩性丑闻,这位边线记者被解雇了。)

参考几个例句:I can’t believe it, my manager got the axe at work today. (难以置信,我的经理今天在公司被炒掉了。)After unleashing a variety of racial and religious jokes during a live Facebook chat with Barstool Sports, Austen has gotten the ax from Fox’s regional sports station.(在一次Barstool Sports的Facebook直播聊天活动中,因开了好多不适宜的种族及宗教玩笑,Austen被福克斯区域体育电视台解雇。)注意,axe是标准拼写,而在美国,axe常常被拼写为ax,二者的意思并无不同。


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