近日有读者问到heads-up(heads up)的意思及用法,在这里做一个简单的分享。Heads-up,是一个常见的美语口语表达。Merriam Webster对heads-up的解释如下:(1) heads up, (interjection.) used as a warning to look out for danger especially overhead or to clear a passageway。感叹词,常用于警示头顶上方的危险,或是提醒他人让道。(2) heads-up, (noun.) a message that tells or warns someone about something that is going to happen,名词,警示(用于提醒他人某事即将发生)。这里的heads,表示头。而up,表示抬起。heads up,在中文里可翻译为:小心、当心、注意、提醒。注意当heads和up,分开写时,是感叹词。而二者中间用连接符相连,则是名词。参考英文例句:”Heads up! The boss is coming.”(”当心!老板来了。”)Just a heads-up. It might cost much more than you thought.(就给你提个醒。这个可能要比你预计的贵得多。) Just looking for someone from around there that can give me some heads ups on the area. (不知道有没有本地人能给我说下当地有关的注意事项。)



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