“keep count (of)”是什么意思? 中文如何翻译?


Keep count的英文解释是:to remember or record a number as it changes over a period of time. 其意思是:在一段时间内,记忆或记录一个变化的数字。Keep count中文可以翻译为:计数,记录数据。这里的keep,意思是”保留”。count,意思是“数据、数目”。我们看个英文例句:She tries to keep count of how many calories she consumes over a week.(她尝试记录自己每周摄入多少卡路里)注意这里使用的是keep count of something。另外,keep count也可以独立使用,比如这个例句:“-It’s been 5 years and 35 days since we broke up.”  “- I didn’t realize you were keeping count.” (-咱俩分手都5年零35天了。-我没想到你还记着数呢。)这里的keep count,直接表示“计数”。


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