You know the drill是什么意思?


You know the drill是一个非常地道的美语口语表达,You know the drill的意思是“你知道该怎么做”,套用中文里流行的一句说法“你懂的”,北京话里有一个非常贴切的说法“门儿清”。这个短语通常指:由于某人对特定情况下的做事流程非常熟悉,所以不需要多解释,就知道该如何应对、处理。You know the drill的英文解释为:to understand what usually happens in a given situation; an expression meaning “you know what to do, no questions required”.; to know what needs to be done or what usually happens in a situation.

理解you know the drill的关键在于drill这个词,尽管drill做名词有“钻机”的意思,但这个单词还有一个常用的名词含义:“严格训练”(Disciplined, repetitious exercise as a means of teaching and perfecting a skill or procedure.),常常用在军事训练(military training)中。由于长期艰苦、重复的训练,所以受训者对于技能或程序熟稔于心,毋须多说,因此:You know the drill。

尽管我们会在自动语音留言里听到类似这样酷酷的语音消息:”This is Dylan, you know the drill.” (我是迪伦,你知道该怎么做。),但You know the drill绝不仅限在自动语音留言机中使用。

最后,来看几个关于如何使用you know the drill的英文例句:


  • She knows the drill because she has worked there for many years.(她深谙处理之道,因为她在哪儿工作多年)
  • He decided to kill K… and you know the drill.(他决定把K干掉,接下来…你懂的)
  • All of us regulars know the drill.(我们这些常客对此都门儿清)
  • You know the drill – cut the grass, bag the clippings, and leave them at the curb.(老一套–剪草、装袋、把垃圾放在路边)
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