Do me a solid是什么意思? 由来是什么?

Do me a solid是一个比较常见的口语,它的意思是:帮我个忙。等同于:do me a favor,help me out。参考UrbanDictionary提供的例句:I want to date this hot chick but she wants to bring her not-so-hot friend. Can you do me a solid and go out with her friend?(我想要和那个辣妹约会但是她想把不是那么热辣的朋友也捎上。你能帮我个忙,把她的朋友支开吗?)。

在美国NBC电视台经典喜剧Seinfeld(宋飞正传)”The Jacket“(1991)的剧集中,有这样一段对话:

KRAMER: Hey. Hey, would you do me a solid?

JERRY: Well, what kind of solid?

KRAMER: I need you to sit in the car for two minutes while it’s double-parked. I gotta pick up some birds.





在美国另一部动画片《Regular Show》中,有一集的名字就叫做《Do me a solid》(2011),Wikia对该集的剧情描述如下:Mordecai and Rigby decide to play a game of “Solids” (a game of which one must do a favor for the other). They do each other solids things like getting a glass of lemonade, changing the channel, fold a pair of socks, and drying their hands.(Mordecai和rigby决定玩一个名为”Solids”的游戏–这个游戏规定玩家必须互相帮忙。帮忙的内容包括:帮人拿一杯柠檬水,换台,叠袜子,擦干手等。),有这样一条关于do me a solid的好玩句子:I wish the NSA would do me a solid and retrieve that one awesome tweet I deleted on accident that one time.(我多希望国家安全局能帮我个忙,恢复那条我之前无意中删掉的、特棒的那条推文啊。)


你可以把solid理解为favor。但是关于do me a solid说法的起源并未形成一致的观点。answers.com提出了一个有趣的解释,”it came from cannabis users who deal resin, aka solid. do me a solid refers to give me some drugs which evolved to mean do me a favor“  意思是说:该短语源自吸食大麻者,他们也交易大麻脂(resin),又名solid(因为resin是些小硬块)。do me a solid意指给我些毒品,最后演变成帮我个忙。听起来倒是合情合理。

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